Volume Lashes revolutionized the lashing industry as the first ever alternative to the Classic style.  Volume lash is sometimes called by its origin - "Russian Lashes"

Several extensions are attached to a single natural lash, referred to as a "fan"

Who is it for?

Volume lashes are for customers who want more than Classic lash style can offer but not something too dramatic. Of course, it also depends on the curl you decide to use but generally, Volume lashes are great for creating a look that is full but still retaining a natural appearance



Classic extensions are also called "1 to 1" and consist of 1 lash extension being attached to 1 natural lash. 


Who is it for?

Classic lash extension style is the best option for those who have naturally full lashes so do not require any additional volume.


This type of extension is mainly used for adding length to natural lashes, but is a great option if you desire to modify your eye shape (for example turning naturally narrow eyes into wider ones). 



Nowadays, the trendiest and newest style you can get is wispy eyelash extensions - also called "Strip" or "Kim K" lashes.


This technique uses various lash lengths that gradually rise and fall across the eyes and create a spikey appearance. Wispy eyelashes look just as you’d expect —fine and feathery. This lash look is all about long, fluffy length.

Who is it for?


Wispy lashes are suitable for those who are looking for a noticeable, dramatic  look! A simple way to describe it is to call it free lashing style, since lash artists use various lash lengths that gradually rise and fall across the eyes for a spikey appearance - no two applications will ever look the same, which is what gives this style it's panache!



The difference between mega volume and traditional volume is the number of false lashes used to create a fan and the diameter of these false lashes. Mega volume allows for a denser and darker look look since it uses these light-weight fans with numerous extensions.

Who is it for?

Mega volume lash extensions are for those who are willing to go over limits and rock an edgy, super-full lash look. To fully pull this look off  you will need strong natural lashes to work with, so it isn't going to be for everyone.