Hair Extension Types 

London Sky offers several types of application - including the exclusive Naked Weave, tape-in, micro bead (I-tip), nano tip and keratin (fusion).  Details of each type are below. No matter what service you select, Kellie is confident that you will look and feel incredible and will love your new hair.

The salon uses premium Remy Hair in both Russian and Indian ethically sourced hair.  The Russian hair that is used can last 12 + months and the Indian hair can last 8+ months if taken care of properly.  Purchasing long lasting quality hair is much more cost effective in the long run.


Naked Weave Extensions 


This trend-setting method, the first established weave of it’s kind in the UK, is now available EXCLUSIVELY in Calgary through London Sky!


Naked Weave is a new take on applying weft hair extensions that uses no heat, no glue, no braids and - most importantly and what makes it so innovative - no visible connections!


 The way it is applied hides the connection from both the top and the bottom and also enables a more comfortable and versatile fit for most hair types. The positioning and sectioning makes simple and seamless row placement, giving more versatility and making high ponytails more discreet.

Every aspect of this method is unique to All designed for the most discreet fit and available in Calgary ONLY through London Sky!

Micro Bead/I-tip Hair Extensions

Micro bead extensions are individual tips of hair extensions attached to tiny wefts of hair.


Each individual tip is clamped to the hair using a micro ring with specialist hair pliers. The tips are patterned in neat rows around the head and the beads are coloured to match your natural hair.


This method of application will not use any heat or adhesive glue to bond the extension to the hair and is a very safe and discrete method when applied correctly. 

Beaded extensions require removal and reapplication every 6-10 weeks to avoid excessive matting from re-growth; anything over 12 weeks and you risk seriously damaging your natural hair. 

Nano Tip hair Extensions


One of the more recent innovations in hair extensions are nano tip extensions. These are extensions with a nano tip of metal of plastic attached on one end, which is attached to your natural hair with a nano bead.


Nano beads are very small; they are 90% smaller in comparison to micro beads. Their small size and bonds make them seamlessly blend with natural hair

Those with thin hair types can attach the nano bead extensions. Other types of extensions have standard micro beads, which can be seen if fixed on thin or fine hair. Nano ring extensions are not fixed on the entire hair area; they only require half a head and they will remain invisible.

Tape-in Hair Extensions

After clip-in’s, tapes are the quickest and easiest hair extension method to apply and remove. This method of hair extension involves ‘sandwiching’ the natural hair between two tapes. The extensions will then be cut to blend with your natural hair.

Tape-ins are the quickest to apply and remove and are perfect for most hair types; You must have your tapes re-applied every 6-8 weeks to avoid matting or the glue becoming too difficult to remove. 

micor bead.jpg

Keratin/Fusion Hair Extensions 

Fusion bonds or keratin bond extensions are attached to your hair using a pre-adhesive extension tip; the tip is fused to small sections of hair using a heated clamp. Pre-bonded hair extension methods are often a better option for those with finer hair; they will not cause as much strain to the root of your natural hair as other permanent hair extension methods.

You will need to have a maintenance appointment every 8-12 weeks which is only 30 mins to check for matting.  These type of extensions only need removing every 4-6 months depending on hair growth so are more cost effective.